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Hi my name is Paul. I called this company a few days ago with a stubborn virus I could not get out. Another remote company tried but said the computer had to be reformatted. That is not an option for me because of all the data I have. Well to make a long story short, Joe did a session with my system and within about 2 hours, the computer was fixed with no reformat! This company was my saving grace. Would recommend to anybody. Thanks again, guys.
                                                    Paul, PA.
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Is running an older operating system like XP safe for my computer?

Many of us, including me, have an older computer that runs just great. The hardware is good and it is fast. The problem is that many of us are using older operating systems that in some cases are no longer supported. there is  a ton of scary stuff on the internet, most of it from Microsoft, that would scare you to death if you read it. The truth is, you do have to be more careful if you are using older computers that are pre Windows 7. There are still quite a few folks still using Windows XP and a few still using Vista.

Although you need to be extremely careful using these older machines, they can still be used safely if you take precautions. The main issue with both of these operating systems is that they will not have the latest patches from Microsoft. Although it  is safe to do basic operations, I would not do things like banking and other financial operations with an XP computer. I still have 2 XP machines myself that I need to use with my older weather programs. I have never experienced an issue and likely never will. I plan on using these machines until they completely die. The truth is, most virus venders are not directing as many attacks on these older systems because there are so few left being used. Most folks are now using Windows 7 or higher.

If you are going to continue to use an older operating system such as XP or Vista, be sure you are running a current anti-virus solution and also be sure to add the paid version of Malwarebytes to your list of security defenses. Also be sure your system is cleaned on a regular basis and get occasional professional security checks on your machine as well. These rules also apply to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users as well.

Although Microsoft would like to see every computer in the world running Windows 10, that likely will not happen for many years to come. Even if you have passed the XP era, you are likely a big fan of Windows 7. Windows 7 is probably one of the fastest operating systems since XP.  Unlike Windows 10, you still have full control over what updates go into your machine. Updates are still available as well and will continue through 2020. After that, many businesses that just spent a ton of money switching from XP will again be faced with the same dilemma. It will take several years past the 2020 mark for the majority of users to switch to Windows 10. Personally, I like all the newer operating systems including 10 but it can take a lot of tuning and customizations to make it handle as fast as you like.

In summary, if you have a fast system that you love and it works for you, use it until you're ready to replace it or it dies. Just use common sense when surfing the web and be sure you have good security.