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Computer Cleanup

Computer Cleanup

          On March 1, 2008 I had a problem with my computer running slow and sluggish. I did a search on the internet and I found Advantage Computers and gave them a call. The owner, Joe,was extremely helpful and did a remote session in to my computer live! The problem was fixed in about an hour and all is working great! Thanks Advantage Computers!


                                                                                                     Erie, Pennsylvania



  Thank you for letting me know about your site  I am so glad that  I got you to checked out and fix my computer. Now it is running so much faster and my pages just pop up real quick. Thanks again, you do great work.    

                                                                                      Mary Ann 




Hi, my name is Sylvia. I called Advantage Computers a few days ago for a slow running computer with lots of pop-ups. I was told by other competitors that I would most likely have to reformat my machine. Since I had so much information stored on my system, that was not an option. I decided to give these guys a try. The owner, Joe, was extremely patient and tried all angles to get my system running in a satisfactory manner. He spent at least 4 hours working on the system and wow. The computer was back again! Everything was working great and he offered lots of tips about how to stay clean and running fast. It was well worth the money. In addition, there were no extra charges for removing this unusually hard to get Trojan. Thanks again Advantage Computers!


Tech Joe…September 10 2011- I woke up today to a computer that would not print and all my word documents opened up in an unexp

Tech Joe…September 10 2011- I woke up today to a computer that would not print and all my word documents opened up in an unexplained format. I called Joe at Advantage Computers and he had me up and running in no time!! I would recommend his service to anybody. Be sure to ask for Joe when you call!!---- Nancy

Advantage Computers is the best

Advantage Computers is the best! I called with a horrible virus and I could not even open any of my documents. In addition, all my icons and program shortcuts were missing. In about 2 hours, Joe had me up and running better then new!! Thanks again Joe!!…. Jo Ann

I run a small business and I cannot afford to be down for any reason

I run a small business and I cannot afford to be down for any reason. I called Joe and he had me up and running in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. With the remoste support, I was able to help my customers while Joe worked on the system. They are courteous and helpful. They know you by name and not a pin number. When you deal with Advantage Computers it is like dealing with family. I highly recommend their services!!    John,   NC.

Last night I called Advantage Computers because I was having problems getting online because of a virus. I kept getting an FBI warning everytime I booted the machine. Joe was extremly helpful in walking me through all the steps necessary to get me back online and get the machine running again. In fact, it is running better then new! The experience was great and the cost was less then all the places I called. I highly recommend this service!
                                                                                                         Rick, FL
These guys are the best!!I called about a printer problem and the tech logged into my computer and did a quickly found and repaired the issue. I was on my way in no time. Thanks again for all the help!!
                                                                                                          John, UT
On August 26, 2013, I called Advantage Computers with a virus issue. My system was almost at a crawl and I could do anything. Joe did a remote session in my computer and found all the offending issues and got my system working like new (or maybe better then new) again. I have an older system but I want to keep this computer as long as possible. With this service, expect a long happy life for your computer. I would recommend this company to anybody.
      Joel, CA